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Sports Nutrition Snapshot: Key regional drivers and delivery format innovations

In this session we take a snapshot of the key regions driving growth in sports nutrition products in different EMEA regions. Asking how regional differences in consumer knowledge, preferred formats, and retailer sentiment will affect the growth of the sports nutrition category.
How will the changing face of the EU affect business and consumer confidence, and will continued market segmentation in Europe – where the UK is by far the biggest player – mean Brexit is bad news for sports nutrition players in Europe.

  • Emma Cash
  • Emma Cash
  • Reporter
  • FoodNavigator and NutraIngredients
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Polyphenols tipped to become the way to innovate in Sports Nutrition

Sport is a generic term but each practice has its own characteristics and requires a specific preparation. Expanding from athlete to mainstream, sports nutrition moved on accordingly to the new consumer expectations. In this structured market, the approach based on natural blends with bioactive extracted from fruit and vegetables bring a new answer to sports nutrition formulator in search of innovative solutions. Indeed, scientific research over the last years highlighted the potential of polyphenols benefits on athletes’ metabolism.

Three polyphenol-based ingredients have been clinically investigated to fulfill athlete’s specific requirements all along their sports practice. Fytexia demonstrates key benefits through concretes results for performance, endurance and recovery. Then, discover a breakthrough solution to address a new and growing demand: zen sports.


Alpha & Omega in Sports Nutrition – Using Omega 3’s and A-GPC to improve performance and recovery.

The sports nutrition world is one of the most diverse, complex and misunderstood segments of the nutritional marketplace. Buyers and consumers alike often have to wade through endless webpages of pseudoscience to uncover the truth about a specific product or ingredient. And with so many products on the market, the path to uncovering real and efficacious science is a struggle.

The KD Pharma Group presents a webinar on Alpha & Omega in Sports Nutrition. Our proprietary ingredient technology has clinically proven sports nutrition applications for both pre and post workout benefit. This ingredient technology, as a standalone product or in combination with sports nutrition ingredients, is a product that buyers and consumers can feel comfortable with. Join members from the KD Pharma Group’s team for an insightful look at the science and business of sports nutrition.

  • Evan DeMarco
  • Evan DeMarco
  • Global Director of Brand Management
  • The KD Pharma Group
  • LinkedIn Evan DeMarco
  • JJ Virgin
  • JJ Virgin
  • Celebrity nutritionist & fitness expert.


Orally bioavailable standardized botanical derivatives in sport nutrition: special focus on recovery in post-intense physical activities

Prolonged high-intensity physical training can be associated with inflammatory stress conditions at the level of nervous, immune and muscular systems. In elite athletes subjected to intense high contact sports such as football and rugby , this condition is usually hampering a proper recovery without avoiding the usage of high-dosages of anti-inflammatory drugs.

In this perspective, properly selected anti-inflammatory plant derivatives can represent a valid nutraceutical option stated they can fulfill rigorous requirements of quality, standardization, bioavailability, clinical tolerability and efficacy. As a result of its long experience in the field Indena S.p.A. has developed in the years a technology platform based on the Phytosome approach which allows the setting-up of orally bioavailable highly standardized botanicals. In this framework, Indena S.p.A. set up two new ingredients, Meriva® (Turmeric phytosome) and Casperome® (Boswellia serrata phytosome), demonstrating a clinically documented efficacy in several inflammatory disorders including those related to intense physical activity.

Learn more about standardization criteria, pharmacokinetics and clinical health benefits of these ingredients.


Collagen in motion: move freely and keep your injuries in check

Keeping connective tissue healthy is crucial to sportspeople who aim at moving freely and efficiently and staying injury-free. Collagen peptides are bioactive proteins that support connective tissues, limit joint discomfort and can prevent injury, by stimulating local cells to produce more collagen fibers and tissue matrix. Latest science also demonstrates anti-inflammatory effects.
Their unique amino acid composition offers performance and recovery benefits that go far beyond muscle regeneration. Highly bioavailable, neutral in taste and instantly soluble, Peptan collagen peptides are suitable for any formulation, incl. high protein blends. Peptan provides manufacturers extra value to multifunctional sports nutrition solutions.
The leading collagen peptide brand, Peptan is backed by science and listed as a premium active ingredient in major international sports nutritional product brands.


Life’s too short for slow proteins. Whey proteins hydrolysates: Fast delivery for enhanced performance

Hydrolysates are a new generation of ‘fast’ whey protein that are set to improve upon what is already considered the gold standard in protein. Due to their novelty in the mainstream sports nutrition market, Arla Foods Ingredients have joined the Sport nutrition webinar to explain what hydrolysates are and what potential advantages they may provide over the various other proteins available on the market today.

The webinar is hosted by Business Development Manager, Jordan Donohue who will update you on the latest trends in the world of protein whilst also sharing the latest knowledge and applications for whey protein hydrolysates, creating an opportunity for brands to differentiate their products from what is currently on the market whilst providing the benefits that active consumers want.

  • Jordan Donohue
  • Jordan Donohue
  • European Business Development Manager
  • Arla Foods Ingredients
  • LinkedIn Jordan Donohue


What it Takes to Compete and Win in Today’s Sports Nutrition Market

As sports nutrition supplements become increasingly mainstream, manufacturers and developers are exploring various approaches to develop new products and evolve existing ones to better fit consumers’ healthy lifestyles and changing preferences. Pharmaceutical technologies and design and development expertise are regularly being applied to improve the performance and stability of sports nutrition products to meet these needs.

Innovative advancements include improving bioavailability through lipid multi-particulate technology, increasing stability of sensitive ingredients, protecting acid-resistant ingredients so they release in the body at the right time to maximize health, and improving swallowability, taste-masking and combining multiple ingredients to make nutritionals more consumer friendly.

Additionally, new tactics are being used to address consumer demands – ranging from formulation and packaging innovations, to clean label, dosage form selection and targeted stage delivery—while numerous sports nutrition ingredients are being mainstreamed to further address consumers needs.
This presentation will highlight the know-how, tools and approaches required to compete and win in this promising and competitive market.


Pushing the boundaries: Where’s the line between ‘cutting edge nutrition’ and doping

Defining the fine line between nutritional science and ‘doping’ has been a difficulty for years. But in an age of personalised nutrition and an ever greater understanding of the important role of foods and supplements in all parts of our life, has it become too difficult to tell?
How does the practicality of detection and enforcement determine the legality of certain nutritional interventions? Will ketones (which are oddly neither legally allowed or banned), hormone-enhancing foods or caffeine be the next targets for WADA? And how much does this ‘cutting edge’ science really matter to the weekend warrior compared to the elite level athlete?

  • John Brewer
  • John Brewer
  • Professor of Applied Sport Science & Head of School of Sport, Health & Applied Science
  • St Mary's University, Twickenham
  • LinkedIn John Brewer
  • Will Chu
  • Will Chu
  • Science Editor
  • NutraIngredients and FoodNavigator
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