Sports Nutrition 2015 | Online Event

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Event Overview:

The rise of the multi-billion euro sports nutrition sector seems unstoppable in Europe. It’s not surprising with an array of well-backed products from whey powders to creatine supplements, electrolyte drinks, caffeine gels and protein bars.

Sports Nutrition 2015 will take you inside a complex field with seemingly limitless opportunity for those who find the right strategy mix.
Webinars, moderated by the award-winning journalists behind the NutraIngredients will break down markets and demographics, reveal product differentiation and future matrices, engage the scientific literature, crack open case studies, feature formulation secrets, the hottest ingredients and explore evolving regulations to help you deliver brand success.

From distribution and marketing dynamics to the rise of the millennial and the lifestyle sports food addict, to contamination, QC and the spectre of doping, if you are invested in sports nutrition you may want to invest in this half day online event.
And the best thing is there is no investment required – it’s free and free to download for three months after we go live.
Will you join your peers in our packed online stadium at 14:00 on October 22?

Who should attend?

This online event will be a forum for sports nutrition manufacturers, research scientists, regulators, and ingredient suppliers.

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Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn: Reporter at NutraIngredients
Asker Jeukendrup: Director at Mysportscience
Barry A. Charnay: VP Marketing & Sales at BioNeutra
Bernard Barlet:
Food technologist Expert at Solvay Aroma Performance
Chris Schmidt: Senior Consumer Health Analyst at Euromonitor International
Dominik Mattern: Business Development Manager at Capsugel
Dr. Frédérique Respondek: Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager at Tereos
Evelin Biffar: Head of Product Development at nutrineo – health food solutions by Uelzena
Gary Brenner: Business and Sales Development Manager at Algatechnologies Ltd
Gerhard Kuehn: Head of Sales at nutrineo – health food solutions by Uelzena
Hadas Richter: Research & Development Manager at Algatechnologies Ltd
Jeremy Marichez: Product Application Scientist at Tereos
Nathan Gray: Science Editor at NutraIngredients and FoodNavigator
Nick Morgan: Managing Director at Sports Integrated Ltd
Sandrine Salaneuve: Vanilla flavors worldwide business Manager at Solvay Aroma Performance
Shane Starling: Senior Editor at NutraIngredients and FoodNavigator-Asia
Yves Timmermans: Product Manager Modified Proteins at Tereos